What Is Pro Level

Pro level are features which are automatically enabled in your control panel when you maintain a certain number of agents. Pro level is only available on the www.logicore.net site.  

Pro level is useful for a company or individual that would install the NutPile Networks monitoring agent at many locations, and/or has IT people out in the field, actively installing and supporting customers on a day to day basis where our standard control panel and support may not be enough. 

This level gives you all the features a regular subscription does plus adds the capability of maintaining ‘customer’ views. Your customers can log in, view their reports at any time but with limited access to agent settings and controls. For each agent installed, you can create a customer view, give them their own username and password yet continue to support them without having to give your own credentials.

NutPile Networks works with three major industries

AIT / Support Companies
For IT/Support companies, NutPile helps to determine if problems are on site or external to the customer premises. This can be a massive time saver when trying to find ongoing intermittent problems which can effect VoIP and other real time communications. The low cost can be passed on to customers or absorbed as a time saving, troubleshooting tool for your IT staff.

BContent Providers
NutPile goes way beyond traditional monitoring, giving you a view of your services as never seen before. Online services are especially prone to being blamed for services being down when in fact, the problems are usually Internet connectivity.

Because content providers can have very large numbers of users, our standard pricing would be cost prohibitive. However, a sponsoring agreement can be worked out  which can work for your company and users.

You gain insight as you’ve never seen before and your users learn that most issues are with their Internet connection and not your services. To learn how you could be seeing your services from users perspective around the word, please contact us.

CStatistics Gathering
For organizations who are primarily interested in gathering statistics, custom packages can be developed which allows the installation of as many agents as are needed.

Pricing is typically based on the amount of resources required. In some cases, consolidated data is more important than giving each user/location access to their individual reports while in other cases, users may want to view their reports.

For example, NutPile could be included in your software or hardware and performance data generated without need for individuals to see reports.

Statistics can be generated for various ISPs, each of their locations, their providers, overall or specific performance, reliability, outages, times of outages in specific areas, regions, states and much more. These and other metrics can help to determine how reliable some ISPs are or where they may have weak points. This is useful when deciding on adding resources or can be used in combination with other research.

Evaluate our services

If you would like to see how the monitoring works, simply sign up, install some agents and check the results. Software agents run on Windows 7/8/10, Linux, some embedded devices and of course, our hardware option is available.

Alternatively, you can check out our live demo to get a feel of what to expect.
Feel free to contact us using the Contact Us option to discuss your requirements if you need something else that we have not covered. 

Become an affiliate

If you expect to install and maintain a fair number of agents, you could consider becoming a NutPile affiliate. Our affiliate program is available to companies or individuals with a track record in the IT/Tech Support industry that may be interested in reselling NutPile as part of their customer support services.

If interested in becoming an affiliate, please fill out the following form and someone from Logicore will reach out to the Contact person you list below.


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