Earn $40, $80, $120 or more per day, it’s completely up to you. Sure, it sounds easy when we write it like that, but for the right people, this is an opportunity that can really add up.  We’re confident that if you have the ability to talk to people who need our services, you’ll be earning what ever you set your heart on.

While earning, you’ll be helping home and business uses to see information about their Internet services that they have never had access to until now. Countless people suffer mystery Internet problems which leaves them frustrated and unable to find help because by the time they are reported, everything is back to normal. However, you have the solution!

Skim through the site, especially the Home Page and the Overview link.  Take a peek at the Demo. This should give you a pretty good idea of what NutPile Networks is and what problems we are solving for Internet consumers.  We’ve built it, now we need someone who is passionate about getting the word out and finding people that could use our solution.  

What is my potential market?
Almost anyone who uses the Internet could be your potential market. Small and mid-sized businesses that rely on their Internet connection and are frustrated by frequent, mysterious downtime.  Small and large business parks have dozens to hundreds of companies, many of which would love to better understand how their Internet services are working especially when it affects their voice-over IP (VoIP) communications and productivity.

Remote workers who telecommute for their job and need their connection and their VoIP phones to be reliable.  IT companies trying to support multiple clients, call centers who rely on their VoIP phones, web hosting providers, manufacturing companies, insurance agencies, universities, hospitals or even your neighbor who works from home and is always complaining about his Internet connection.  

Software developers and hardware integrators
Depending on the software that you are developing, including NutPile as part of your solution can not only add new functionality for your users but it could also earn you an ongoing revenue after the sale.

If you develop embedded openwrt, Linux or Windows hardware, you could earn an ongoing income by adding NutPile onto your hardware.

NutPile takes up very little resources which means it is easy to integrate into many existing products and services.

What are you selling?
We currently offer 2 pay options on our site, to keep things simple.

  • Month to Month: Customers can buy a hardware agent for a $35 one time purchase and pay month-to-month for the monitoring service at $5/mo. You earn 15% of what ever the sale is.
  • Bundled Annual Package: Customers can buy a hardware agent for a $35 one time purchase and a year of monitoring  for just $79, saving them almost 30% on the monitoring over the month-to-month rate. You earn $40.00 from this sale.

When do I get paid?

When your customer signs up for a bundle and pays the $79, we will credit you with $40 to your affiliate account.  We’ll mail the customer the hardware agent and get them set up to start monitoring. After a short period of time, the system will release your funds to your account.  You can then cash it out or let it accrue.  

Please visit this page if you are interested in taking part.

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