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Now anyone can monitor the performance of their Internet connectivity to find reasons for slow, sluggish or completely down services.

Why suffer ongoing intermittent connection problems when you can install a NutPile monitoring agent and keep it running for as long as you like, even at no cost. As long as your monitoring agent is running, you not only get useful reports about your Internet connection but you also get free DDNS/Dyndns and other freebies.

Ever wonder if neighbors are experiencing the same problems? Share reports on Facebook to see if others are seeing the same problems that you are. Being armed with information and statistics makes contacting support a lot easier and when others are experiencing similar problems, it becomes hard to dismiss yours.

NutPile is especially useful for people working from home such as SoHo, remote workers, hard core gamers, people who host their own services, home security and much more.

To help you along, we’ll do all that we can to help you including FAQs, a support ticket system and you can always ask questions in our forums where we’ll be happy to explain how things work.

For Host / Device Uptime Monitoring
For IT, Tech support

The monitoring software is called the agent. The NutPile agent can be downloaded from the NutPile Control Panel (NCP) and installed on Windows 7/8/10 and Linux servers that run preferably 24/7 in order to gather effective reports. The agent is also available as a small stand alone hardware device for those who do not have a server running 24/7 or want something that won’t get accidentally turned off.

Once the agent is installed, it starts testing the connection, sending results back to our networks where they are converted into reports and statistics. Using a PC or mobile browser, generated reports can be viewed any time, anywhere.

Reports show frequency, length, average times of outages, latency, fully automated speed testing, historical data and more. Additional details are displayed when you move over each bar showing when, where and with whom the problem was.

Our reports are easy to understand and can be used by novices as well as those who wish to dig a little deeper. If you have any questions, simply create an account in our forums so that replies can help others as well.


Our free reports are perfect for those who want to discover Internet connection problems but don’t need the extra details or bells and whistles. However, free doesn’t mean limited because we include some useful features at no cost. (See feature sets)

After registering with NutPile, you can download and install as many agents in as many locations as you’d like and you’re all set. With an agent installed, you get DDNS and security scans and other features all for free.

The first agent you install comes with all features enabled to give you a good idea of what to expect.

Once an agent is installed and communicating with our data center, you have access to a control panel where you can enable and disable a variety of options.

Free DDNS: Dump that costly static IP! Get an easy to remember URL to access your security cameras, web servers and other devices at your home or office at no cost.

Free open ports scan: Secure your network and catch problems early. Get an ongoing history of open ports on your router / firewall at no cost.

Enable more detailed reports

When suffering ongoing or intermittent problems, you need as much information as possible to find the source of the problem. Enabling this feature set gives you more details such as frequency, length, average times of outages, latency, fully automated speed testing, historical data and much more.

Options allow for a notification every 24hrs if there was at least one outage or an instant notification based on length of any outage when monitoring a critical circuit.

By enabling a feature set, you get additional details for each even including hops, owners and more. You also get outage reports in both graphs and textual versions

Feature sets can be enabled on a month to month basis which you can lapse any time and still receive outage reports along with DDNS and so on. No contracts or obligations.

If you are an IT company or have multiple sites, you may want to become a NutPile Partner which gives you a more comprehensive control panel to manage large numbers of agents and locations.

Try out the live demo and see for yourself how everything

Hardware Device

The NutPile Networks monitoring agent software installs on Windows 7/8/10 and on certain Linux operating systems. However, the software is also available pre-installed, embedded into tiny hardware which are simple plug and play devices. These devices will run 24/7, 365 days/year, using an amazingly small amount of power compared to a PC.

More importantly, hardware agents are automatically updated remotely and continuously, monitoring non-stop, for the best reports possible. No need to worry about someone accidentally turning off a PC, the hardware device is always on.

Our hardware FAQ can be found here.

Hardware agents are a one time cost and can be ordered separately, subject to what we have in stock. Each unit must be manually prepared, tested then shipped to customers. We continuously work on improving this process but please keep in mind that some delays can occur when ordering hardware agents, especially in larger quantities.

Note: An account is needed because hardware agents are assigned to an account.

Whether you order a hardware agent or download and install the software agent, your first agent will always come with all features enabled to give you a chance to try things out. You can try the demo any time to review again.

Use NutPile for free!
Use NutPile at no cost what so ever for as long as you like. If all you need is our free DDNS and/or security scan or to know when outages happen then simply install an agent and you’ve done.

If you work from home, are a remote worker, have a SoHo or anything else which requires that your Internet be very reliable, then you may want more information about the performance of your service. This is especially true when problems become ongoing and intermittent where only longer term monitoring will give you the information you need to get help.

Having the ability to turn up the details as needed is an option that comes without contracts or obligations. Go month to month or take advantage of longer term deals. The longer you monitor, the more information about the performance of your Internet can be gathered.

Included at no cost
Use NutPile to get the basics about your connection and ISP performance.

  • DDNS / DynDNS: DDNS is included for anyone running a NutPile monitoring agent.
  • Open ports scan: Shows you possible exploitable ports on your network so you can secure it.
  • Inactive notifications: Sends an email if your agent becomes inactive, no longer sending data.
  • Location nickname: A hint reminder for you to know which or where this agent is if you have more than one.
  • GEO: Sets address and time zone in order to display correct date/time where this agent is installed.
  • Notifications email address: Each agent can have its own individual email notification address
  • Inactive agent: Shows red if agent stops sending data and a notification email is sent.
  • Outages list: Shows all outages monitored and logged by your agent.
  • Editable outages details: Allows entering notes for each and every outage logged.

With features enabled, adds;

  • Text and graphs: Shows outages in both text list and graphs.
  • Graphs: showing short term historical details.
  • Outages graph: shows outages with mouse over details display more details.
  • Avg time graph: shows when most of the outages occur
  • Pings graph: with mouse over details, shows latency and other issues prior to and after outages.
  • Speed test: If enabled, automatically runs speed tests based on certain conditions. See speed testing section below.
  • Search functions: Allows searching reports for specific Date/Time ranges.
  • Ongoing historical: Shows cumulative details about outages for this connection.
  • Outage notifications: Sends an email if there was an outage in the last 24hrs or of a certain length.
  • Minimum outage: Allows setting a minimum outage to be displayed in graphs. See “Why do I see so many short outage?” on this page for more detail.
  • Tickets page: (future) Allows entering notes when contacting the ISP for this circuit.
  • Billing period: (future) Set if your bill becomes due on a specific day to know when a new month starts.
  • Billing recursive: (future) Shows starting day or billing period in outages to know when a new month starts.

Note that we are constantly developing the reports and some features could be added or omitted which are not reflected in this list.
If you would like to see an agent running in real time, please visit our demo page and log in.

While you can use the service at no cost, if you need more details, simply enable a feature set. At only $5/Month, having the ability to monitor your Internet services becomes an affordable possibility for everyone. best of all, you only enable feature sets as you need or want to.

The NutPile FAQ is constantly updated and helps to explain most everything on the site. Our forums will also become a good place to ask questions and receive further help.

To illustrate how installing agents in your home and neighborhood can help everyone gain better Internet services, please consider the following. The more people that install monitoring agents in your area, the better the performance data regarding the local Internet service providers become.

Not only do your reports enable you to get help from your ISP by having information to share but your ISP and other companies can gain a better insight on how reliable services are in your and other areas in order to make improvements.


Report graphs can be shared on some social networks making it easy to compare with others. Our forums are sure to become a place where anyone can also get help and information on using our services if you want to dig a little deeper into the details.

Try NutPile, no contracts, no obligations, simply sign up and start monitoring now!

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