Your services could get the blame

We all spend a lot of time and effort when looking for problems that don’t exist or are long gone when it comes to Internet connectivity. Problems that are often outside of our control are unfortunately ones which customers might think otherwise. Meaning, they will often blame the service before their Internet.

NutPile offers a low to no cost way to quickly identify Internet related problems, especially intermittent ones, ultimately shifting any possible blame to where it should be, with the Internet services. It lets customers know there is nothing wrong with your services while providing additional information which could help the customer and technicians in many other ways.

The hidden details – By correlating reports from other nearby customers and other sources, NutPile can help determine if problems are with just one customer, the whole street, neighborhood, a business park and so on. This helps to know when the ISP should be contacted.

The details show when, where and with whom the problems are which can also help to determine which providers are more reliable which could be beneficial when deciding to upgrade or eliminate.

IT / Tech Support – When Internet issues arise, especially VoIP and network related, customers can quickly point the finger before considering that the problem is more likely with their own connectivity. You need a speedy way of determining if the problems are with something you support or with the customers Internet connection.

In many situations where a customer was experiencing VoIP issues, we were able to quickly diagnose the problems being something in house, with the Internet itself and quite often, with the ISP. This is especially true as customer locations are further away from more reliable downtown infrastructure and when using DSL.

A technician can log into the control panel using a PC or mobile to quickly check if the problems are Internet related or if someone should be sent on site. The customer can also check their reports which further builds confidence in your support services.

This is accomplished by installing a NutPile monitoring agent at each customer location. At only $5 per customer, this is a cost that can be absorbed through saving time and money troubleshooting or the low cost could be passed on to the customer.

The monitoring software is called the agent. Before launching NutPile, we spent two years developing and testing a unique monitoring tool because nothing else existed which would provide the highly reliable metrics we needed. The agent is incredibly accurate, able to log outages as short as one second in length along with a number of other details.

Users can monitor one or any number of Internet/IP network connections at one or more locations with all reports being consolidated into browser based environment called the NutPile Control Panel or NCP.

The NutPile agent can be downloaded and installed on Windows 7/8/10 and Linux servers that run preferably 24/7 in order to gather effective reports. The installation is quick and simple and can be done by a technician or by the end users.

The agent is also available as a small stand alone hardware device for those who do not have a server running 24/7 or want something that won’t get accidentally turned off. For example, the software could be installed by users and hardware agents installed at key locations for additional regional monitoring.

Once the agent is installed, it starts testing the connection, sending results back to our networks where they are converted into reports and statistics. Using a PC or mobile browser, generated reports can be viewed any time, anywhere.

Detailed reports

Reports show details such as frequency, length, average times of outages, hopes, hop owners, latency, fully automated speed testing, historical data and more.

Options include DDNS, open port security scan and notifications such as once per 24hr period if there was at least one outage or an instant email or SMS notification based on length of any outage when monitoring a critical circuit.

You also get the outages in a list format which allow you to make notes for each outage if and when this could be useful and there is a customer view which allows your customers to view their reports without the ability to change settings so that you can maintain agents for them.

If you are an IT company or have multiple sites, you may want to become a NutPile Partner which gives you more features that help to manage large numbers of agents and locations. There is no cost for upgrading to Partner status.

Neighborhoods and business parks

To illustrate how installing multiple agents in different areas can help everyone gain better Internet services, please consider the following. The more people that install monitoring agents in their area, the better the performance data regarding the local and upstream Internet service providers become.

Not only do reports enable users to get help from their ISP by having information to share but the data can be used by the ISP and other companies can gain a better insight on how reliable services are in certain areas in order to make improvements.


Report graphs can be shared on some social networks making it easy to compare with others. Our forums are sure to become a place where anyone can also get help and information on using our services if users want to dig a little deeper into the details.

Consumers can not only help themselves but their neighborhoods as well. It is a win for everyone.

Try out the live demo and see for yourself how everything

Once an agent is installed and communicating with our data center, you have access to a control panel where certain features can be enabled and disabled.

For example, NutPile offers free DDNS to members that install a monitoring agent because it is constantly communicating with our network therefore knows about IP changes. This is a complimentary feature which you can promote but if this doesn’t fit your model, we can disable the feature.

A free open ports scan is also offered which helps members to secure their network and catch problems early. Users get an ongoing history of open ports on their router / firewall at no cost.

Partners also have the option of creating ‘customer’ accounts which means giving the user access to their reports with a limited amount of functionality to prevent changes in settings. Partners can add, remove, update customer accounts as needed.

Hardware Device

The NutPile Networks monitoring agent software installs on Windows 7/8/10 and on certain Linux operating systems. However, the software is also available pre-installed, embedded into tiny hardware which are simple plug and play devices.

These devices will run 24/7, 365 days/year, using a very small amount of power compared to a PC. They are low cost consumer grade devices which can easily and quickly be replaced if/when they become damaged or worn out due to their use of flash memory.

More importantly, hardware agents are automatically updated remotely and continuously, monitoring non-stop, for the best reports possible. No need to worry about someone running older versions of software or accidentally turning off a PC as the hardware device is always on.

For more detailed information about the hardware agents, please see this page.
Hardware agents are easily installed with a number of features.

Hardware agents are a one time cost and can be ordered separately, subject to what we have in stock. Each unit must be manually prepared, tested then shipped to customers. We continuously work on improving this process but please keep in mind that some delays can occur when ordering hardware agents, especially in larger quantities.

Hardware agents offer the very best reports since they are unlikely to ever get turned off or disconnected.

businessguyNutPile Networks offers the IT and technical support industry a low cost, effective method of quickly discovering and/or eliminating IP network issues while gaining customer confidence at the same time.

At only $5.00/Month per location, the cost can easily be passed on to the customer, shared or absorbed.

Our IP monitoring solution also saves your business time and money in assessing emergency or ongoing issues while providing important details that can help determine if problems are inside customer premises or beyond.

Remote troubleshooting

support-frustratedWhen customers experience loss of Internet access and call for help, representatives must quickly assess if problems are inside the premises, in the area or something else. This is a difficult task since most customers do not have sophisticated tools to monitor Internet connectivity, especially intermittent issues. External monitoring is not very useful in these cases.

Did a cable go bad, a router, a switch? Was it something inside the location or was it something external and unrelated to anything in the building. Did it affect others in the area? Was it the local provider or their upstream having some issues? NutPile Networks ends the mystery of IP issues by monitoring Internet services from the customer premises, providing reports and information which help determine if problems are on site or if the ISP needs to be contacted.

Commercial users

Managing large numbers of customers and/or locations could become a difficult task but NutPile Networks is constantly working on making our services as easy to use s possible. Additional features are automatically enabled in your control panel once you maintain a certain number of subscribed agents.

The extra features help you to manage large numbers of agents but also enable special features such as a customer view where your customers can view their reports using their own accounts but cannot make changes to your preferred settings.

Custom solutions

If you don’t see what you need, we can probably develop it for you at a reasonable cost. Commercial applications include companies that offer ISP connectivity, IT technical support, VoIP and other streaming services, chains, remote sensing applications using a variety of IP circuits by one or more providers.

If your company offers IT tech support or online services and has many locations to monitor, you may be interested in becoming a Partner.

Contact us any time and we can talk about your application or sign up and give it a try first.

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