Uptime means everything. If you maintain Internet accessible services or remote hardware such as security cameras and other devices, then you know the importance of keeping those resource reachable at all costs. While hardware does fail now and then, the critical part is knowing about it as quickly as possible.

NutPile Networks offers a simple, easy to use method of receiving historical information and alerts. No contracts, no obligations, pay only $4/Month per *asset and add as many assets as you like and remove them at any time.
(* Asset means servers, devices, anything which has an IP and can be monitored)


Our easy to use NutPile Control Panel (NCP) lets you enter the IP along with one or more ports for the asset to be monitored. The preferred method is to monitor at least two ports so that you can more easily determine if a service was simply being restarted at the time or if the entire server/device became inaccessible.

The first host comes with 7 days of free monitoring which allows you to evaluate the service. After that, a short subscription process and monitoring will continue and a history of outages will be displayed. 

Should one or more ports become unavailable, a notification will be sent out immediately via email or SMS to let you know that there may be a problem which needs attention.

If you need to monitor additional hosts, simply create as many as you need. Managing one or many hosts is very easy to do using the hosts management interface, similar to this one. In the Members view, there is an additional button to view the reports for any of the hosts being monitored. 

There is nothing worse than finding out from your customers or users that your asset is no longer reachable. By monitoring, you will receive a notification if any problems arise so that you can find and fix the problems as quickly as possible.

Combine Internet Monitoring

NutPile Networks also offers an Internet monitoring solution which allows you to gather reports about the performance of your Internet connection. Find out if/when/where the problems are before even contacting support. Armed with facts, contacting support becomes a much less frustrating experience.

Add our Internet monitoring service and now you can see your entire Internet presence from inside and out for a complete solution.

For a list of TCP/UDP ports and related services, check out Wikipedia.

Try NutPile, no contracts, no obligations, simply sign up and start monitoring now!

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