This demo shows many of the views and functions available to you when you monitor your Internet. This is a live demonstration of an Internet connection being monitored. Not all functions are available in this demo however but should help give some insight on what to expect.

Demo default settings

-Outages minimum are pre-set for the demo and cannot be changed
-A Phoenix Arizona address is set for this agent
-Outages data (historical) may not be 100% accurate because this is a test account
-The demo contains one agent. If you have more than one agent installed, all will show in the list..

Click on the button below. Log in as ‘demo’ with the password of ‘123456’.

Mouse over and click on the icons to see the different reports.
Editable features are disabled.
First icon leads to graphical reports.
Second icon leads to textual reports.
Third icon leads to hsot monitoring reports.

Demo Login

The NutPile FAQ can be found at this link. It contains helpful notes/tips on all current features and is constantly being updated. A minimal changelog can be found here showing what we are up to behind the scenes.

Most functions have been disabled because this is a public demo so we cannot allow editing or changing of settings. However, the demo shows you how things work. Click on any of the smaller mini graphs and the full size version will be displayed. The smaller graph will then be updated at the same time.

Sharing graphs

Finally, you’ll notice a Share button on the top right hand side of the main graph. When you click on a smaller graph, it becomes the main view. You can share which ever graph you have as you main view by clicking on Share. Currently, only Facebook is available and others will be added soon. Feel free to try this out and please, let others know about NutPile Networks. The more people who take part, the better everyone’s statistics become.

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