Fully Automated Intelligent Internet Services Monitoring!

Uncover reasons for slow, sluggish or completely down services


tech-support-02-170wAffordable, on-premise Internet monitoring as low as $6/month

Content providers, IT, Tech support companies, remote, unmanned locations, all can now monitor Internet reliability from premises and view centralized reports. Free 14-day demo and just $14/month for detailed graphs and reports. Determine if problems are onsite or if an ISP must be contacted. Preempt issues, impress customers! Become a Partner for discounted pricing of $6/month, per location! Learn more.

Live Demo

Try our live demo of a real agent monitoring an ISP and see what Standard Edition reports look like. Read this introduction or skip to the bottom and log in. Try it now!


Home And Business

Now anyone can monitor the performance of their Internet services. Try NutPile free today! Simply register and download a monitoring agent and see it working for yourself. Learn more







ISP Monitoring

For IT and Tech support companies, NutPile customer side IP monitoring is a low cost way to discover and eliminate Internet related problems saving you time and money. Read more


Internet Tools

Here’s your public IP:
Need to convert bits, bytes and megabytes or get an estimate of a file download? Try our converter and calculator.


The NutPile Agent

The bits and bytes of it all. Our software logs Internet outages as short as one second along with other details. Agent comes as a software package or a tiny hardware device. Read more


Reports And Statistics

Reports show frequency, length, average times of outages, latency, fully automated speed testing, historical data and more. You can even receive an email when outages occur.

avg_times_nutpile_faq-300w(Click image for larger view)

More Information

Speed tests are an interesting tool but limited in what they can tell you. The only way to discover problems is with ongoing monitoring. Read more


End Frustration

It is difficult to get help without information. NutPile automatically logs a variety of metrics including issues with home or business Internet services so you will know who to contact and what details to give them.


Earn As An Affiliate

Countless people need NutPile to find problems with their Internet. Help them find us while earning money at the same time. Earn a little or a lot, it’s your choice. Read more


Your IT/Support Company

Add your IT Support company to our list of preferred vendors to receive leads when businesses in your area require technical support help. It’s free and only takes a moment. Read more



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