Is your home or business Internet slow, sluggish or often down?


Are the problems neighborhood wide or your location only?

Calling tech support to complain about network problems is frustrating without proof, facts…

Now you have facts!
Reports show frequency, length, average time of outages, even know if neighbors are down too!

Internet Down?


Is your Internet service down? Get the facts! Reports show frequency, length, average times of outages, even know if neighbors are down too. Reliability shouldn’t be a mystery!


Can You Hear Us Now!


Tell your neighbors! Your provider can’t dismiss neighbors experiencing similar problems! The more people in your area who add to the NutPile, the bigger the picture becomes for everyone.

  Internet Outages Making you NUTS?

Home / Business Internet Outage And Performance Monitoring

Install our free windows 7/8/10 software and start gathering details in minutes!
Mac/Linux coming soon! No Windows? No problem, order our tiny low cost hardware client.

Start Monitoring Now!


No catch, no bait and switch, it’s FREEHow-to video: Registration and installing a client
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Privacy Matters



NutPile Networks does not monitor personal usage nor do we share personal information in any way shape or form.


You’re Not Alonefrustration20_white_300w

Tech support calls often lead to “Everything looks fine from here, Mr. Jones” or “Did you try rebooting your modem?”
No more finger pointing, now you’ll have actual details about the issues.

Reports & Statistics

Outages emailed or optional near real time graphical reports. Download our free Win7/8/10 software and start squirreling away details in minutes.


Professional ServicesTL-WR703N-200w

Remote workers, businesses and anyone that requires highly reliable Internet, our always-on, 24/7 hardware client offers the very best statistics possible. Plug it in, forget it but watch the stats come in. Learn more.


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